The Maleficus-OP

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The Maleficus-OP -


The Maleficus-OP is a Limited Edition collaborative effort between Overwatch Precision, custom knifemaker Ian Wendt of Special Circumstances, Inc., and holster craftsman Jon Hauptman, of PHLster. The intent of this special project was to bring a mid-tech edged weapon to market that maintains the characteristics of Ian's custom work, packaged with a thoughtfully designed sheath that works for the real world, at a price that makes it attainable to the community at large. 

The Maleficus-OP is designed to be worn on one's non-dominant side, just off the centerline (11 or 1 o'clock), with the handle angled downwards to facilitate easy access with either hand from under a cover garment, and to draw the weapon with a locked wrist. If drawn with one's non-dominant hand, the cutting edge faces inward in a reverse grip, allowing powerful stabs and pulling cuts. If drawn with one's dominant hand, the cutting edge faces up in a forward grip, putting the cutting edge in the ideal position to maximize the effects of a natural upwards stabbing motion.

The Knife

The blade itself is hand ground out of 0.125"  6Al4V (Grade 5) Titanium alloy, stock, flame anodized, and stonewashed, making every blade as unique as a fingerprint. The cutting edge is sharpened to a frightening degree, and has tungsten carbide particles embedded in it by electro spark deposition. These extremely small shards of sharp carbide act as tiny, jagged teeth; as the alloy substrate is worn away over time, more tungsten carbide is exposed for continuous cutting performance. 

“The spine is aggressively crowned and polished to a high finish.
The curvature and smooth surface is designed to prevent it from hanging up on anything on either insertion or withdrawal.”
~Ian Wendt
Black G10 FR4 handle scales are secured to the tang with carbon fiber pins and an aerospace grade epoxy. The SCI signature texturing wraps around the entire handle, and the unconventional handle contours keeps the weapon secured in your hand. 

The handle is extremely compact, yet locks into the hand well.
It also, as a side benefit, allows for the expedient use of the Maleficus as a single-edge push dagger.
While this is not ideal, it does line the point up beautifully for rapid-fire shovel hooks to the trunk.”
~Ian Wendt

The Sheath

The Maleficus-OP sheath is made-to-measure for the specific knife that it’s paired with. Individually molded of 0.080” Boltaron for durability without bulk, it features adjustable retention, Pull-the-Dot soft loop for angled horizontal carry. A simple but effective spacer is included  to rotate the grip inward and keep the knife handle from printing through a cover garment. All of its features are fully ambidextrous and modular.

“Each sheath is made to fit the knife it comes with,
but includes adjustable retention to account for user preference and any long term use and wear.”
~ Jon Hauptman 

This sheath was designed by Jon to facilitate the wearing of the blade in a manner that allows maximum concealment, yet ready access under the worst of circumstances. Each sheath is primarily designed for centerline, grip towards belt buckle carry, but can be equipped by the end user with a tuckable strut for vertical wear in less permissive attire, or can be affixed to an RCS ModuLoader Pocket Shield.

“They have a single adjustable soft loop and are designed to be worn in that downward draw,
centerline carry, clinch-access method.”
~ Jon Hauptman

End Result

The corrosion free, non-ferrous, non-magnetic nature of the Titanium alloy and G10 FR4 make this blade excel at it's intended purpose: reduced signature concealment in virtually any environment. It is maintenance free, extremely light, easily adaptable to any attire, and rapidly accessible. The Maleficus-OP is fully ambidextrous, modular. 

The blade and sheath are a winning combination, the best of the best for their intended applications. We have brought together two craftsmen and the end result is a truly superlative package.

This is the epitome of a defensive knife. This is the Maleficus-OP.

Other Information

  • If you choose to train, training clones are available directly from Ian, and he can be reached at Once you have your trainer, you can send it to PHLster Custom Shop for a sheath to match, as the trainer is thicker than the live blade and will not fit in the same sheath.  

  • We recommend Raven Concealment tuckable struts are available from DIY Holster.

  • The ModuLoader Pocket Shield is available from Raven Concealment Systems.



  • Limited to one per purchaser

  • Due to the nature of handcrafted goods, there may be variations from what is pictured above. This is normal, and the uniqueness is what makes each piece special. 

  • Our lawyer says that is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that possession of this item does not violate state or local laws.