NP3 Plated Glock 4.5 lb "Minus" Connector

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This GLOCK OEM 4.5 "Minus" connector  has been plated with Robar's proven NP3 finish for a reduced trigger pull weight without potential reliability concerns that may arise from use of aftermarket connectors. Robar's NP3 provides a smoother operation with less lubrication (Phrasing!), and its maintenance free nature eliminates corrosion concerns. 

NOTE: This connector is not compatible with Glock models 42 or 43. 

Also, Our lawyer says that this should be installed by a qualified gunsmith. 

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Richard Jan 20th 2018

NP3 Plated Glock Minus Connector

I very recently purchased the Glock Minus connector for my 3d Gen G19. It was installed along with the FALX trigger. The connector did its job and along with the FALZ trigger produced the BEST trigger pull I have ever felt on a Glock.I highly recommend it!

Shawn Balch Jan 1st 2018

Went to the range.

I wish I could post the picture of the target. This connector is awesome with the TAC trigger. Grouping was crazy!

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