Do you have a storefront, can I come and visit the shop?

Overwatch Precision is a manufacturing facility and we do not have a storefront. No visitors are allowed without an appointment. You may call us to schedule an appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS

What makes your trigger different than other triggers on the market?

Each and every DAT, TAC, and Falx trigger shoe is assembled to order, by hand, and carefully inspected before packaging to ensure proper function. Trigger shoes are milled out of billet 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, Type III hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625 spec, and the OEM trigger bars are plated with NP3 by Robar Guns. We use stainless steel coiled spring pins to provide a continuous expansion fit, above and beyond what standard slotted roll pins can provide, and guarantee that they won't walk, ever. 

Premium materials, cutting edge metal finishes, and careful hand-assembly in America, by Americans. Our trigger shoes are the best money can buy, period. We back up this promise to you with our Lifetime Warranty.

Can I send my trigger out to get coated?

Each trigger we ship has the safety tab permanently affixed by a coil pin. In order to properly coat one of our triggers, it must be fully disassembled, and this will void our Warranty. Disassembling your trigger safety from the trigger shoe can potentially create a serious safety issue, and really isn't a good idea. Don't worry though, we're working on some Cerakote options for you folks, so you can have the best trigger on the market in a color scheme that compliments your existing firearm!

What are the differences between the DAT and TAC triggers?

The DAT and TAC triggers are functionally identical in regards to pre-travel reduction, safety, and trigger press geometry. They differ in that the TAC has a small indexing hook at the tip of the trigger shoe to facilitate consistent trigger finger placement.

Do your triggers work with                connector?

While our trigger may work with aftermarket connectors, we do not recommend the use of any connectors other than OEM. We have accounted for factory component dimensions and associated tolerances, but cannot account for tolerance stacking or QC/QA for every aftermarket connector. We strongly recommend the use of factory connectors.

I'm having issues with installation or trigger function. What should I do?

If you are a certified Glock armorer, or a licensed/certified gunsmith, please click here for our installation guides. If you have further need for assistance, please contact us. If you are not an armorer or gunsmith, please have the gunsmith or armorer who installed your trigger contact us. 


My trigger won’t reset, why?

Double check that the trigger spring is installed correctly. This is the number one reason for reset issues. Also, if you’re running a lighter striker spring in conjunction with a heavier trigger spring you may experience reset issues as well.


 What is there a delay in shipping my order?

We usually ship all orders within 1 to 2 business days. In times of high order volume we can take 5 business days to ship depending on our work load. We apologize for any delay as all orders are built by hand to order.

 Do you offer military/law enforcement/first responder discounts?

We do. Please see our Harm’s Way program here. Email us proof of service to and create an account on our website. Please allow us 24-48 hours to get your account setup.

Can I change my order?

Possibly, email us at info@overwatchprecision. If you’re order has not gone out yet, we should be able to get it changed for you.


What is the new pull weight with your trigger install?

Our trigger by itself does not change the pull weight. The pull weight of a Glock trigger is controlled by the connector and spring combinations used.


Do you use an OEM trigger bar.

We do. Our trigger bar is an OEM Glock trigger bar that is NP3 coated by ROBAR.


 Is your trigger safe/drop safe?

Yes, our triggers are safe and do not disable any of the factory Glock safeties. We have extensively tested our triggers and our triggers are in active use with law enforcement agencies and units within the US military. Keep in mind we do not have access to Glock’s technical data package and there may be certain frames that have a tolerance outside of our design parameters.


Do you tune the bars before you NP3 coated them?

We do not tune the bars before we coat them.


 My new trigger feels grittier than my old one, why?

We do not tune the bars we send out with our trigger shoes. The grittiness you feel is the tooling marks on the trigger bar and connector coming into contact with each other. After several hundred rounds it will smooth out just like your original factory trigger did.


Do you warranty your triggers?

Our triggers are warrantied for life regardless of who the owner is. We do not warranty intentional abuse or cosmetic issues thought.


My reset feels different with your trigger.

The trigger itself has nothing to do with how the reset feels. The reset is controlled mainly by the connector to trigger bar relationship. Polishing your parts will change the reset feel as well. Also, changing your springs and spring rates can affect the reset feeling. 


What is your return policy.

Please see our website for our return policy.