Kunar, 2010

You've spent a significant portion of your adult life face-shooting bad guys, saving kids from car wrecks, running into burning buildings, deploying far from your loved ones, and basically being all-around badasses. You went Into Harm's Way, and this is our small way of saying thank you. Please accept 15% off of eligible merchandise, and 10% off of Custom Glock Packages by following the directions below. 

If you currently serve or have served in any of the following career fields, please create a customer profile here, and then email supporting documentation of your service to info@overwatchprecision.com. Acceptable forms of documentation include currently issued or retired credentials, DD214/Current ERB, or correspondence to us from a government email address. Feel free to redact vital information, we know that PERSEC matters. In the event that such documentation can't be provided because you're that much of a secret squirrel, reach out and we'll get you squared away via a different bona fide check; we probably know someone who knows you. At any rate, give us 48 hours to get your info updated once you submit it to us, and you'll be good to go. 

  • Active Duty Military
  • Military Veterans
  • IC/OGA
  • Local/State/Federal
    • Active Law Enforcement
    • Retired Law Enforcement
    • Active Fire/EMS/Rescue
    • Retired Fire/EMS/Rescue