NP3 Glock OEM "Minus" Connector

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This GLOCK OEM 4.5 "Minus" connector has been plated with Robar's proven NP3 finish for a reduced trigger pull weight without potential reliability concerns that may arise from use of aftermarket connectors. Robar's NP3 provides a smoother operation with less lubrication (Phrasing!), and its maintenance free nature eliminates corrosion concerns. 

NOTE: This connector is not compatible with Glock models 42 or 43. 

Also, Our lawyer says that this should be installed by a qualified gunsmith. 

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Reviews (21)

Jim Aug 22nd 2018

TAC and Minus NP3 connector

I purchased the TAC flat trigger through Brownells and the minus connector directly from Overwatch for a G19 gen 3, I like the trigger, the reduced take up and crisp reset was my goal and it was successful. I wanted to reduce the pull weight a little and after the reviews here, I ordered the np3 connector. I guess I am one of the few not happy with the np3 minus connector. It added a bunch of take up back into the trigger and made the reset less crisp. So that along with the high cost left me a bit disappointed in the minus connector. I found the oem dot connector to be a much better value. The dot connector cost much less and the change is reset is extremely small. It worked as advertised and dropped the pull weight about .5 lbs on a gen 3.

Daniel K Mar 5th 2018

Don't forget this with your new trigger.

Got this with the TAC trigger. I don't know what the gun would have felt like with the TAC trigger and stock bar. But the combo is made in heaven. Money well spent!

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