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The Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger is a flat-faced, direct drop-in replacement for your OEM trigger. Each trigger shoe and trigger safety tab is machined in the USA out of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, and affixed to an NP3 plated, OEM trigger bar by 316 stainless steel coil spring pins. The trigger shoe and safety tab are both Type III hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625 standard. 

The small indexing hook ensures consistent trigger finger placement, and the broad, flat face of the trigger allows a uniquely self-correcting, straight rearward press. Pre-travel has been reduced by as much as 20% (depending on frame tolerances) without compromising firearm safety features resulting in a clean, crisp break, and reduced over-travel making this an ideal option for smaller statured shooters.

Robar's NP3 plating provides virtually impermeable corrosion resistance and smooth, grit-free operation. The addition of this trigger alone does not change the pull weight but when combined with our competition trigger spring and Glock OEM minus connector you can expect a reduction in trigger pull weight of one half to one full pound. Please note that we do not tune the trigger bar.  

End Result: This trigger is a tank. A sexy tank.

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Brian W Nov 1st 2018


This is my second TAC trigger and 3rd Overwatch trigger in all. I love them. Take up is reduced, break is crisp and reset is improved over the stock trigger. I really like the flat face, it helps me a lot with a nice smooth trigger pull. All my Glocks have Overwatch trigger and any Glocks I buy will have them as well. Also, my experience with customer support has been excellent. Great company.

Kyle Leite Aug 29th 2018

3rd One is The Charm

After using Apex drop in for a year or so, in my Gen5 19, there was still something I desired out of my trigger. Paid big money for an Agency Arms drop in and what a mistake. Was a huge downgrade from the Apex DROP IN and was very disappointing with this "HAND FIT" piece of crap. I picked up a Gen4 17 to play with and INSTANTLY ordered a full drop in TAC trigger. I didn't even shoot it with the stock trigger, as I knew I'd be changing it out. After 1 range day with this trigger in my 17, I ordered the same exact one for my 19 and will never trust another manufaturers trigger again. Absolutely blown away and had to let customer service know. Thanks guys!! You rock!

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