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Overwatch Precision is pleased to introduce the first aftermarket polymer trigger for Glock pistols! This trigger is designed to provide the same great feel that our aluminum triggers provide at a reduced cost for the budget minded shooter. As always the flat-faced polymer DAT trigger will provide increased leverage to the shooter as well as a reduction of pre-travel by as much as 20% (depending on frame tolerances) without compromising firearm safety features, resulting in a clean, crisp break and reduced overtravel.

The shoe and safety are solid body polymer attached to a polished OEM Glock trigger bar.  The Overwatch Precision Poly DAT is completely drop in ready and is in stock for all Gen 1-4 Glock pistols. The addition of this trigger alone does not change the pull weight but when combined with our competition trigger spring and Glock OEM minus connector you can expect a reduction in trigger pull weight of one half to one full pound. Please note that we do not tune the trigger bar.   This trigger will not work in the G19X or Gen 5 Glocks. 


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Erik Surrett Oct 26th 2018

Polymer DAT Trigger

Before I comment on the trigger, I must share about the customer service. I'm local to AZ, so I was able to pick-up my trigger in person, which also afforded me the opportunity to have one of their Glock Armorers install my trigger for free. Patrick was not only knowledgeable, but he also to the time to walk me through what they test for and ensured I was satisfied with the product before I left. Great job! The trigger: Honestly, I wasn't sure if I'd like the polymer, but admittedly, I don't notice the difference between this and the aluminum one in my friend's G17. The fit and finish are great. The look is on point and the feel against the finger is right on. I never had accuracy problems with the factory shoe; however, with the flat face, my trigger finger indexes in the exact same place each time. The break is crisp and I imagine will improve with use. As for the durability, only time will tell, but at $60, even if I have to replace it in the future, it's a steal! Not only will I recommend this trigger, but Overwatch is top notch.

Marty Oct 14th 2018

Polymer DAT on SS80

Decided to give the polymer DAT a try and I’m glad I did because it is absolutely awesome. It’s a solid trigger, so much better than the stock in looks and performance. Couldn’t have made a better decision for my SS80 build.

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