TAC Trigger Kit for Walther Pistols

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If you're looking to upgrade the trigger on your Walther Q4, Q5 SF, or PPQ pistol, Overwatch Precision's TAC Trigger kit is an excellent option. This kit features OP’s proven TAC trigger design, offering a self-correcting rearward press, short reset, and an improvement on the best OEM trigger on the market.

Included in the kit is a NP3'ed and CNC-tuned OEM bar, providing consistency, safety, and quality. The TAC kit also comes with two different trigger return springs, allowing for customization to fit your preferences. Like all OP Triggers, the TAC Trigger Kit comes with pre-travel reduction and does not void any of the internal safeties.

With a 58% decrease in pre-travel and a 50% decrease in total travel, the TAC Trigger kit offers significant improvements over Walther stock triggers. It also features compatibility with the OEM return spring, providing a 5lb+ pull for those who prefer a heavier trigger pull.

Overwatch Precision’s TAC Trigger kit is a high-quality upgrade option for those looking to improve the trigger on their Walther Q4, Q5 SF, or PPQ pistol. And with our lifetime warranty, you can trust in the durability and performance of this trigger kit. 

*Will not fit F Series or PPQ subcompact models*


Features include:

  • 58% decrease in pre-travel 
  • 50% decrease in total travel
  • CNC-tuned NP3'ed OEM bar for constancy, safety, and quality
  • 3.8lb (red) and 4.4lb (green) return springs included
  • Compatible with OEM return spring (provides a 5lb+ pull
  • Covered by Overwatch's Lifetime Warranty


Upgrade your Walther Trigger today with our TAC Trigger Kit!

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For more information, we recommend downloading the manual directly from Walther here.
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Additional Info