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One of the most common reasons to upgrade a Smith & Wesson trigger is to improve the consistency of the trigger pull. 



Gritty travel and excessive takeup (pretravel) in the trigger pull are common problems with most stock triggers.Upgrade your trigger today and enhance your shooting comfort and consistency. 

Our trigger kits can help reduce the amount of pretravel, overtravel, and trigger weight which can lead to a smoother and more consistent trigger pull.




Is upgrading my S&W trigger legal?
It is perfectly legal to upgrade the trigger on a Smith & Wesson firearm as long as the parts used in the upgrade comply with federal, state, and local laws.
Will upgrading my S&W trigger void the firearm's warranty?
Yes, it will. Smith and Wesson’s website states that their Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover adjustments or modifications, or repairs made or attempted by anyone other than a qualified technician following Smith & Wesson authorized procedures.
Will upgrading a S&W trigger affect the accuracy of the firearm?
A trigger upgrade can improve accuracy in some cases by improving consistency throughout the trigger pull and by reducing the weight of the trigger pull. A smoother trigger pull with a predictable wall can also reduce the chance of flinching or jerking the trigger, which often reduces accuracy.

Keep in mind that accuracy is not solely dependent on the trigger, and comes from a combination of factors, including shooting skill, firearm design, and ammunition used to name a few. A trigger upgrade may improve accuracy in some cases, but training is the best way to improve all metrics of shooting.
Can upgrading my S&W trigger improve the reliability of my firearm?
Generally, Smith & Wesson and other firearms manufacturers do an excellent job of producing extremely reliable firearms from the factory. It is possible that upgrading the trigger in your Smith & Wesson may improve the reliability of the firearm in some cases.

If the firearm has other underlying reliability issues, a trigger upgrade alone may not be enough to address those issues.
What kind of training or experience is needed to install an aftermarket trigger?
If you have experience with firearms and are comfortable working on them, you may be able to install an aftermarket trigger on your own. On the other hand, if you are not experienced in working on firearms or are not comfortable with the installation process, it is recommended that you get help from a qualified gunsmith to ensure that the upgrade is done properly (and safely).