Why Buy from Overwatch Precision

Somewhere amidst the foothills of the Phoenix Sonoran Mountain Preserve lies a firearm component manufacturing facility. Inside you’ll find a team of the most dedicated men, working hard to provide the best and most functional triggers for your firearm. Although we do not have a local storefront, we provide unparalleled customer service online and over the phone. Whether you are a new shooter or a professional, Overwatch Precision can handle your needs. We are gaining huge support and a reputation that’s necessary to be successful. Here are the top six reasons why you need to shop at Overwatch Precision.

1. Buy from the experts

You wouldn’t buy family car from a clown shop and that’s how we feel about our triggers. Gun accessories and parts need to be high quality, made by professionals and safe. At Overwatch Precision, we are experts when it comes to firearms. We have former military, former law enforcement and full time engineers on staff. We do not toy around with inferior materials, cheap labor or a cheap finished product. When you buy from Overwatch Precision, you are buying quality.

2. Buy the best

Dedication to making functional products for professionals is our number one priority. We would not make nor sell anything we would not use ourselves. We have ridiculously high standards and our products show it. You trust your life to our products and we value that trust.

Need more convincing that our customers are happy too? Head on over to our customer gallery. You’ll see real customers giving real testimony to our products. If you are just as happy with your new trigger, we’ll add your story to the gallery.

3. The warranty

Not only are we experts with the dedication to sell nothing but the best, we have the best warranty. Lifetime. Yes, that’s right, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our triggers. We offer the best triggers and expect them to function properly for a lifetime. As long as you’re not “that guy” (or girl) and take a blow torch to your trigger, we will replace any defective trigger at any time regardless of who owns it.

4. Safety

Safety is one of the most important aspects of carrying a firearm for self defense, along with training. Not only are our products high quality, they are safe, trusted and in use by military units, police departments, and armed professionals. When trying to make a Glock trigger feel the best it can, pre-travel must be removed. As pre-travel is removed, internal safeties can often be bypassed. We don’t remove as much pre-travel as some of our competitors but what we do have, is a safe trigger. Our products do not defeat or bypass any of the OEM safeties. We do not grind on any part of the trigger bar to compensate for that extra bit of pre-travel that some of our competitors take out, knowing full well they just made their trigger unsafe.

5. Customers first

As the customer, you are the most important person to our company. We take your requests, comments and suggestions seriously. We strive to communicate quickly and effectively. Our products are constantly evolving and that is due to customer feedback. We value your business and your opinions.

Taking it one step further, we take extra care of our customers who have served in the military and law enforcement. For those customers who have dedicated their lives to these services, we offer to you our Into Harm’s Way Program. This program offers special pricing on certain items and unique coupon codes. Sign up here to join the club. As veterans ourselves, we respect and appreciate your service to our country and community.

6. Pride

There are a lot of things we pride our company on.The first being that all of our products are American made. We could have outsourced production to increase our profits but we want to support our economy, and let’s be real, most foreign stuff is crap. There’s no better place to make trigger parts than right here on American soil. We are proud of our heritage and our country.

In conclusion, there’s really no reason not try and trust Overwatch Precision. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We take pride in our company and our approach to manufacturing top-notch triggers and parts. We have the expertise and the respect to make your next purchase both safe and enjoyable.